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Kannabia cannabis seeds

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Black Domina x Jack Herer
Afrodite Seeds

Boasting spicy and earthy flavors, Afrodite is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain from Kannabia Seeds. This strain comes from two Spanish strains, Jack Herer and Black Domina. Consumers enjoy Afrodite for its head buzz and mellow body effects. 

Strain Genetics

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Northern Lights x Blueberry x Ruderalis
Baby Boom Auto Seeds

Renowned for its lethality, the Baby Boom Auto from Kannabia Seeds has won the hearts and minds of many cannabis enthusiasts. This Indica dominant hybrid is a high yielding variety that craves the ambience of light. Endowed with a tapestry of smells and flavors, the Baby Boom Auto seed strain is the... more
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This is a truly innovative strain; a variety from two sativa parents with just 0,22% THC.

This totally clinical strain, virtually THC free, is perfect for patients wanting no psychoactive effects. The effect is one of complete lucidity, but the relaxation is truly intoxicating. 

This plants is easy to grow and... more

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant biotechnology has given us the means to ensure a high percentage -99%- of feminized plants. Feminized seeds guarantee your crop from pollination.

We obtain our feminized seeds through just the suppression of one phytohormone and without any genetic modification. This saves you effort, space and cultivation time as you don’t need to classify male and female cannabis plants.

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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Automatic cannabis seeds produce plants that begin their flowering at a certain age no matter what the lighting schedule, meaning they can be harvested following the schedule of the grower.

These autoflowering cannabis seeds have been achieved by selective crossing with the cannabis strain Ruderalis. They give you the chance to harvest cannabis seeds on the date that you choose.

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Regular Cannabis Seeds

The origin of the many hybrid cannabis seeds that can be currently found on the market are pure regular cannabis seeds.

The conservation of the main genetic lines is due to the traditional fecundation of a female plant by a male one, a technique which guarantees the transfer of hereditary information naturally.

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CBD Cannabis Seeds

The discovery of the properties of CBD have brought with it a barrage of medical applications for its use, making the levels of this cannabinoid in the resin of the plant highly important.

This has lead to the emergence of strains with high CBD levels and a wealth of possibilities in the field of medical CBD.

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