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4 Healthier Ways to Smoke Weed or Consume Cannabis
by Redacción on 11/05/22

Smoking is arguably the most common way people across the globe consume cannabis. But while getting high can be reinvigorating and fun, burning marijuana releases harmful chemicals, tar, and resins that are linked to respiratory issues. If you’re a new weed smoker, you may have heard a lot of recommendations regarding the healthiest ways to enjoy your smoking sesh. However, several of them pose real threats.

Major ways of smoking weed

Things you can use to smoke weed include blunts,...

What are feminized cannabis seeds: Difference between Male and Female Pot Seeds
by Redacción on 28/04/22

If you’re just starting out growing cannabis, you may have come across fanciful terms like feminized cannabis seeds, pot seeds, auto-flowers, females, males, hermaphrodites, photoperiod plants, among others. In this article, we will look at feminized weed seeds. 

Feminized cannabis seeds


How to control temperature in Grow Tent
by Redacción on 23/02/22

Lighting is an essential part of the cannabis growing process. Your plants need light to thrive and produce well - but what happens when the heat from the light becomes too much? Your guess is as good as mine - they burn out.

At all stages of its growth process, your weed plant has specific optimal temperature requirements for performance. When the grow tent is too hot or humid, the plant will suffer. Too much heat and humidity or too little can be counterproductive to your farming...

Cultivo de marihuana en interiores
by Redacción on 04/02/22

One of the most critical decisions you would make on your weed cultivation journey is the decision of how and where to grow your weed. While the outdoors is the most likely choice for individuals who own land, for the people with small grow spaces, growing weed indoors is the most practical choice, although it is not unusual to find people who own vacant plots electing to grow weed indoors.

This article will...

When to transplant seedlings?
by Redacción on 19/10/21

Here’s the scoop on switching your cannabis sativa seedlings to their final destination.

If you are growing cannabis plants at home, chances are that you’re probably wondering when to transplant seedlings. You got the plant in there, it started getting pretty big….so now what are you supposed to do? Follow along as we describe the process for transplanting seedlings for your home cultivation project.

Starting your seedling in a smaller container

You may be wondering why you...