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Más cannabinoides en el tubo de ensayo
by Carmen Arriaza on 04/03/21
Therapeutic properties of cannabis

Since the beginning of time, Cannabis sativa plant has been used by different civilizations to alleviate and heal diseases. In traditional Greek, Egyptian, Chinese or Thai cultures there were male and female healers who already utilized this plant as a remedy. Throughout history, marijuana has been considered a magical and spiritual plant, but above all, it has been appreciated by its medicinal benefits. Nevertheless, in modern times, the...

La prohibición del CBD en Francia considerada ilegal por el TJUE
by Carmen Arriaza on 12/02/21
CBD (cannabidiol), one of the chemical compounds found in all parts of the cannabis plant, and the industry that manufactures and commercializes this cannabinoid for medical use, has received a major boost thanks to a recent European justice decision that admits that this substance is harmless to...
Votación definitiva de la ONU para rebajar las restricciones al cannabis
by Carmen Arriaza on 10/02/21
Due to the lack of agreement among member states and in spite of UN recommendations, the resolution on medicinal use of cannabis was put to a vote after several postponements

The Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), the main policy-making body of the UN in drug-related matters, will finally hold a historic vote to ease the rigorous...