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The 10 Best American Strains

By: Kannabia Seed Company Culture

The new cannabis genetics sector in America is booming, with thousands of strains available and a market that continues to grow. Innovation in cultivation, coupled with a growing acceptance of and demand for both recreational and medicinal cannabis, are driving the development of increasingly sophisticated strains. European genetics have also been very important in the evolution of this market, providing a solid basis for innovation and the creation of new varieties that continue to capture consumers’ interest.

The cannabis sector in North America has seen explosive growth in the last decade, fueled by legalization in several regions of the United States and Canada, which has fostered intense innovation in the development of new marijuana strains in high demand among both recreational and medicinal users.

In addition, the North American cannabis market has been significantly enriched by the arrival of European genetics, especially from the Netherlands and Spain. The success of these genetics is particularly due to their reputation for high quality and consistent results, favoring their adoption by growers and consumers.

Seed banks like Kannabia Seed Company have successfully established themselves, providing their award-winning and very popular strains, many of them based on renowned varieties that are a hit on the other side of the pond. These genetics have not only been well received, but have also served as the basis for the creation of new hybrids, thanks to their genetic strength and the rigorous cultivation methods employed by European breeders.

The influence of these strains has contributed to the diversification and dynamization of the North American genetic market, giving rise to a more competitive and innovative industry whose objective is to create genetics that are not only potent, but also offer unique terpene profiles, higher yields, and resistance to disease.

Kannabia’s most successful American strains

Among the most popular and sold strains in North America are several that have managed to stand out for their organoleptic properties, high levels of THC, and therapeutic or recreational effects. Here are the top 10:

Break-Up Cake

A strain that redefines the experience of growing and consuming cannabis, offering a delicious combination of flavors and effects. This dominant indica strain (70%) is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie; and is characterized by its sweet and fruity terpene profile, with touches of cherry and berries, complemented by an earthy background that evokes the richness of a gourmet dessert. Many users stress its abundant resin production and bud density, making it an excellent choice for extracting concentrates.


A very popular strain famous for its potency, it captivates consumers with its perfect balance between flavor and easy cultivation. It is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush, but perfected by Kannabia to give it a high THC content: usually around 20-25%. Dosidos’ terpene profile is one of its most appealing qualities. The buds, dense and covered with a thick layer of resin, exude sweet and citrus aromas with earthy and pine touches, creating a rich and very pleasant sensory experience.

Dream Sherbet

This is a hybrid strain with impressive genetics derived from our own version of Sherbet Dream, which we masterfully blended with Pink Panties. This combination offers a perfect balance between relaxing and energizing effects, adding a sweet and fruity flavor with hints of berries and citrus that are just irresistible. Its THC content can vary, but is generally between 18-24%, providing an ideal effect for those looking to relieve stress and anxiety without feeling too sedated.


This hybrid strain, predominantly sativa, is the result of crossing Bubba Kush and Gelato, combining the best of its parents to produce a truly exceptional plant, a strain in high demand due to its unique terpene profile and powerful effects, offering a creamy and sweet taste with notes of lavender and berries, along with an earthy touch characteristic of Kush. With a THC content ranging from 20-25%, this strain has a euphoric and relaxing effect, making it suitable for nighttime use.

Gelato-k strain picture
Gelato is one of the most sought-after marijuana strains by both growers and consumers

Gorilla King Auto

A variety that epitomizes the strength and majesty of its name; and that descends from the legendary Gorilla Glue #4, crossed with Ruderalis, to produce its autoflowering nature and provide both growers and consumers with a fast and intense experience. With a balance of 60% indica/40% sativa, Gorilla King Auto combines the best of both worlds, with powerful effects and an unparalleled flavor profile characterized by sweet and earthy notes along with hints of spices and flowers that make each inhalation a sensory delight.

GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)

Another genetic that has won over the hearts and minds of cannabis lovers around the world. Originating on the West Coast of the United States, GSC is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, making it a hybrid that is 60% indica. This parental combination yields a perfect balance between relaxing and stimulating effects, ideal for those looking for a complete and satisfying trip to artificial paradises. The buds exude a sweet, earthy aroma with tinges of mint and spices, making for a delightful experience.

Hellfire OG

A strain that, as its name suggests, promises a burning and memorable experience. Coming from the cross between Hellfire and White Widow, this dominant indica variety (80%) stands out for its deeply relaxing effects and complex flavor. In addition to its impressive terpene profile, Hellfire OG is known for its vigorous growth and bountiful harvests, all in a short flowering period of approximately 50 days, with great resistance to pests and diseases, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced growers alike.

Monkey Grease

Another gem in the Kannabia Seeds catalogue offering a perfect balance between easy cultivation, high yields and an unparalleled sensorial experience. This hybrid strain, the result of the cross between Grease Monkey and a broad-leaved White Widow, stands out for its powerful terpene profile and relaxing effects. From the very first puff Monkey Grease pervades your senses with its penetrating scent of diesel and vanilla. The plant displays vigorous growth and relatively rapid flowering, with vibrant colors, including purple hues, at the end of its cycle. A real beauty for all the senses!

Monkey Grease picture
Monkey Grease stands out for its huge resin-filled buds that sparkle like frost

Mimosa Dream

A genetic that captures the essence of summer with its vibrant flavor profile and balanced effects, this strain is the result of a meticulous cross between Clementine (a hybrid of Tangerine Sunrise and Kush) and Purple Punch. The result is a 50% indica/50% sativa hybrid plant that is not only aesthetically appealing, with purplish leaves, but also incredibly productive and resilient. This combination of characteristics makes Mimosa Dream an excellent choice for any grower looking for a versatile and pleasant strain.

Purple Kush

A variety combining beauty and potency in an unforgettable experience. This hybrid strain, 70% indica, a cross between Black Domina and Purple Afghani, stands out not only for its deeply relaxing effects, but also for its spectacular appearance. The rich shades of purple and green that it displays when flowering are a genuine spectacle, making it a real gem for any cannabis garden. It’s an ideal choice for those looking for a beautiful and potent plant that is bound not to disappoint in any way.

In conclusion, the cannabis genetics sector in North America is thriving like never before, driven by the convergence of innovative cultivation techniques and a growing demand for both recreational and medicinal marijuana. The influence of European genetics, particularly from the Netherlands and Spain, has been instrumental in this growth, providing a robust foundation for creating new, exciting strains.

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